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Gurukul is a living embodiment of vedic principles and Indian culture. It is a center fit for academic pursuits and harmonious development of the individual. It is spread over 10-acre tract of level land in the lap of uncontaminated natural lush green surroundings and far from the city crowds. Situated in silent, serene and dust-free solitudes.

It is very important to have a perfect calm and peaceful environment for students for studies. Principal Dr. Sumedha believes that this environment has a major role to play for our students in achieving success in studies, sports and in character building. It also motivates the students to achieve their defined goals.

(Dr. Sukama and Dr Sumedha)

Discreetly synthesizing ancient ideals with recent advancements, this Institute of higher learning is guided by the Gurukul system elaborated by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati and is making rapid strides towards the goals set before it.

It was the 6th of March, 1988 when this Gurukul made a modest beginning in the vicinity of a tiny hamlet, Chotipura which falls in the district of Amroha in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Initially, Shri Hargovind Singh Ji donated 10 Bighas of land for this institution. Besides sparing land, he also deputed his most competent and learned daughter, Dr. Sumedha, the present principal, to run this center of learning. It was indeed an auspicious beginning, altruistically inspired Dr. Sumedha sought the help of her schoolmate Dr. Sukama, an equally insightful and erudite lady. This duo, taking a vow of life-long celibacy, has since been working ceaselessly with a rare missionary zeal. They are wedded to the ideals of Vedic culture and it’s propagation throughout the country.

In the beginning it was a challenge to have the basic infrastructure in-place for even to start a small school. Shri Chetan Swarup Arya son of Hargovind Singh was the first who donated the first classroom for the school, 2nd one came from the community. Since then there has not been a looking back. The great dedication of the two ladies for a noble cause has been successfully convincing the community as well as other business personalities to provide their support to meet all financial needs.

The Gurukul is part of Vishwa Bharti Parisad (a non-profit organization) registered under the “Societies Registration Act 1860″, progressing steadily as a result of the rare dedication of the founding ladies Dr. Sumedha and Dr. Sukama and the exemplary co-operation of highly competent teachers who happen to be the alumni of this very Gurukul.

Size of Gurukul Pariwar: Currently Gurukul has 700+ students and 30+ teachers.

Management Committee:

  • President: Rakesh Jain
  • Chief Functionary: Dr. Sumedha Arya
  • Secretary: Dr. Sukama Arya
  • Dy. Secretary: Dr. Kiranmayee Arya
  • Treasurer: Shri Ashok Kumar Singh
  • Members: Dr. Hansraj Chopra, Shri Chetan Swarup Arya, Shri SK Agrawal

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