Shrimad Dayanand Kanya Gurukul Mahavidyalaya, Chotipura


The Gurukul 

Gurukul is a living embodiment of vedic ideals and Indian culture. It is a center fit for academic pursuits and harmonious development of the individual. It is spread over 10-acre tract of level land in the lap of uncontaminated natural lush green surroundings and far from the madding crowds. Situated in silent, serene and dust-free solitudes, this Gurukul is a veritable abode of peace and tranquillity fit for penance and inner pursuits.

Principal Dr Sumedha

(Principal Dr. Sumedha in the Gurukul's lush green peaceful campus)

It is very important to have a perfect calm and peaceful environment for students for studies. Principal Dr. Sumedha believes that this environment has a major role to play for our students in achieving success in studies, sports and in charecter building. It also motivates the students to achieve their defined goals.  

Discreetly synthesizing ancient ideals with recent advancements, this Institute of higher learning is guided by the gurukul system elaborated by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati and is making rapid strides towards the goals set before it.

Dr Balwant Kumar

(Dr. Balwant Kumar, offering his expertise in the field of Phonetic English literature)

Gurukul has been very fortunate to receive contribution from some highly qualified experts in their subjecs. One of such example is Dr. Balwant Kumar, a university professor who has a great interest and dedication in spreading his knowledge among the Gurukul students. He has been contributing his valuable time by staying at the Gurukul for 3-4 months in every academic session for last several years.

Prominent Features and Guiding Principles

  • Leading a life of continence, in conformity with the ancient Gurukul system of education, with a regulated daily routine, having yogic postures, physical exercises and pranayama as it’s key components.
  • An all round development of personality, with simple living and high thinking, ethical elevation, academic excellence, self-reliant and disciplined life.
  • Morning and evening performance of Vedic Sandhya, scriptural prayers and Agnihotra rituals for spiritual elevation.
  • Chanting of Psalms from the four Vedas, to preserve the abiding values of the ancient Indian culture; and a regular practice of music and oratory in order to inculcate in young learners the symphony of song and speech.
  • Treating all alike without the nasty distinction of colour, caste or class.
  • A rigorous training in Judo Karate, Rope acrobatics and Archery in addition to usual games and sports for a well-developed physique.Yagya

(Daily Havan at the Gurukul)

Admission guidelines for new students

  • Girls aged 10-12 years are eligible for admission to class 5th & 6th class through an admission test of the subjects studied by them in previous classes (e.g. Hindi, English, Mathematics, General knowledge etc.).
  • All girls seeking admission in the Gurukul must be gentle, healthy and intelligent.
  • The admission test is conducted every day from 26th June to 30th June, those seeking admission can come to Gurukul any day and take the test.
  • Those who pass the test can come any day from 1st July to 5th July for admission. They will have to fill and submit the completed admission form with the required fee.
  • Please carry the following at the admission time:
    • Original mark sheet of previous class
    • Transfer Certificate (TC) with counter sign by education officer         
    • Admission fee Rs. 2500/-         
    • 6 Month deposit for food charges (Rs. 1500/- monthly)
  • Expenses for uniform, ghee, books, milk, soap, oil etc. need to be taken care of by parents separately.

 While studying at Gurukul campus

  • Students can meet with parents only after the permission is granted by the Acharya Ji
  • All correspondence (letters) by students during their stay at Gurukul must be approved by class teacher, no correspondence is allowed to people other than parents or guardian.
  • Parents can meet with their ward only once in 2 months on Sundays. The duration of meeting should not exceed 2 hours. Anything brought by parents must undergo an inspection by class teacher/Acharya Ji before it is handed over to the student.
  • Parents are not allowed to call students directly on the phone. In any urgency, they can contact Acharya Ji or class teacher.
  • In the Gurukul system, students are not allowed to go on breaks for any festival etc. In extreme situations, Acharya Ji can approve such vacation. However, students must return within the given time period. Any delay in return will attract financial penalty, if delay exceeds 10 days then admission will be cancelled.
  • Students must wear uniform all the time in the campus.
  • The education up to 10th standard is recognized by Uttar Pradesh Education board, from 11th to Shastri (BA) and Acharya (MA) is recognized by Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak Haryana.
  • Sanskrit is the main subject in Gurukul Education, science option is not available in the classes after 10th.
  • It is mandatory for all students to follow Gurukul discipline, anyone found breaking gurukul rules and not concentrating in studies will be asked to leave the Gurukul.
  • Any changes in rules by management will be applicable to all students and parent as required.

Contact Details

PO. Rajabpur, Distt. Moradabad 244236 (UP) India. Phone: +91-5922-245208, +91-94123-22258, e-mail:

Location: Gurukul Chotipura is located 2KM north of Rajabpur, which is 115 KM east of Delhi and 45 KM west of Moradabad on Delhi-Moradabad Highway (NH24).

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