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Presently there are more than 700 students studying in the Gurukul who come from 12 different states of India. All of them stay in the Gurukul. We have a team of 30+ experienced and dedicated teachers to impart education and supervise the students at all times. They help them to realize their intellectual potentialities and make them cultured and disciplined as per the teachings of Vedas and Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati.


There is an imposing Yagyasala in the Gurukul Campus, which signifies the spirit of sacrifice and self-effacement. This edifice infinitely adds to the charm of the Gurukul. All the brahmacharinies assemble here along with the principal and the teaching-staff to perform Agnihotra. Amidst musical Vedic chants they perform Brahmayajña for self-purgation and Devayajña for environmental purification. This is done during early morning hours and at sunset regularly.


  • Education up to 8th standard: This is affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Education Board and is similar to other schools in region.
  • Education in 9th and 10th classes: This is affiliated to of Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar. The course is called Vidyadhikari and is recognized by all state boards as 10th class.
  • Education from 11th up-to Acharya (equivalent to MA) is affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak Haryana.

Students are trained in all the subjects till the 10th standard such as English, Science, History, Geography, Mathematics, Computers, Home-Science, and Drawing etc. After 10th standard, students mainly focus on Sanskrit-grammar, Philosophy, Upnishad, Literature, Moral-scriptures (Dharmasastra) etc.

Glimpse of the academic performance of the students (up-to 2014):

  • Passing % in exams: 100%
  • Scores in exams: More than 60% score first division
  • University Gold Medals in Shashtri (BA) exam: 13
  • University Gold Medals in Acharya (MA) exam: 15
  • National Eligibility Test (NET) qualified: 25
  • NET/JRF qualified by UGC: 35
  • Vandana achieved all India rank of 8th in the Civil Services Examination of 2012.
  • Many of the students have learned Yajurveda, Samaveda and learned Panini’s Grammar.

Students are also urged to participate in extra – curricular activities like elocution, group singing, and essay writing, committing scriptures to memory and participating in cultural activities. More and more girls are sent out to participate in different contests and invariably our girls get the first few positions. They prepare well and perform confidently.

Gurukul has a modern library and the reading room in the campus. The library helps to widen the students’ horizons of knowledge. There are about five thousand books in the library, many of which deal with Vedic texts and Sanskrit language and literature. The library building is quite spacious. Many magazines and periodicals are also made available to students to keep them abreast of latest developments in the field of global scholarship.

Computer training is the need of the hour and education is incomplete without sufficient awareness of the basics of Computer Sciences. Keeping in view the paramount importance of computer education we have so far modest facilities to impart elementary training in Computer Sciences, which are far from satisfactory.


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