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“Dharmarthkammokshadamarogyam moolmuttamum” keeping this in view, Gurukul provides an excellent environment for physical exercise, yoga and sports. Judo, Karate and Archery are also taught as means of self-protection. In the field of Games and Archery our girls have given best performance at the district, state, national and international level contests.

In the field of sports, our archers won laurels for the institution by winning many contests at the national and international level. By participating in important contests like Olympics, Asian games, World Cup, National games etc., our archers won countless medals and championships. Thus these determined archers of the Gurukul, while representing the state or the nation (Athens, England, Spain, Turkey, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Shrilanka, Mexico, Chile, Doha and Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Aurangabad etc.) won medals.

A glimpse of such achievements is given below:

  • Gold Medals: 164
  • Silver Medals: 144
  • Bronze Medals: 105
  • Championships: 26

Many a time our girls won the enviable title of the “Sarvashreshtha Dhanurdhar”. ‘Km. Sumangla’ who represented India in the Olympics in 2004, was given “The Rani Laxmibai Award” by the U.P. Government in August 2005.

A determined Sumangla has become the new ‘standard bearer’ of the Gurukul tradition or the first archer from U. P. to enter the portals of the Olympics.


Thus during their stay at the Gurukul these girls get numerous opportunities to achieve the best of the here and the here-after, material prosperity in this world and spiritual emancipation in the world yet to come “Abhyuday avam nishreyash”. They are able to infinitely expand their personality.


Other achievements:

Vijeta & Kiran achieved first place in western UP yoga competition organized on 18-19 August by Krida Bharati, Meerut in 2012

Prerna, Anushka (I & II), Vijeta and Kiran achieved first place in 30th Rajya Yoga Championship organized by UP Yoga Association in 2012


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